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Applications using M1™ and TestScript™

How would I benefit from this feature?

sb1 For many years, M1 has provided its customers with a large suite of application-specific measurements (ASMs). These tools have always been included as part of the M1 product. They provide the timing/jitter measurements required for a particular technology or a named-signal class, and whether the tested signal meets the relevant specifications. M1 now offers a new vision for providing not merely ASMs, but whole Compliance Test Tools and Suites in addition to voltage and eye masks. TestScript is a modern tool for the next decade because it lets users easily automate repetitive tasks, log measurement results, and record a long series of measurements over an extended period of time. It is easy to develop, edit, and run your own TestScript.


With its TestScript™ capability, M1™ Waveform Tools™ is the only software that lets you implement compliance tests with consistent measurement algorithms across all digitizer and oscilloscope manufacturers and models. M1 is also the only software that maintains a library of standards testing scripts at no cost via our M1 Apps Store. M1's innovative TestScript lets M1 users and Standards Bodies create their own no-cost, industry-standard compliance test and automation tools. No other oscilloscope or digitizer software provider allows this level of freedom and flexibility.

TestScript is a set of XML commands that M1 can read in and execute. All you really need to write a TestScript is an XML editor, but ASA has made things even easier so that you can get your job done faster. ScriptBuilder™ is a graphical TestScript editor that lets you develop test suites in minutes that work on every real-time oscilloscope at no cost to you.

It's possible that ASA, or one of it M1 Apps Developers, has already created the Compliance App you need. Check the M1 Compliance Apps page to find out.

You can also request a guide to writing automation with M1 or view videos showing how to build and run TestScripts.