M1™ Technical Support

As with any sophisticated software, you may encounter a situation you are unsure of how to handle. With M1 Waveform Tools you automatically receive installation support free of charge, and have full access to our online resources that include video training.

ASA provides extensive online resources to help you get the most out of M1 Waveform Tools™. You should go to these resources first if you have a problem with M1:

Installing M1 M1 FAQ

Installation Support

Installation support is provided for all ASA software via email.  In addition, phone support for installation is provided for all purchased ASA software.  All installation support is provided free of charge.

Technical Support

Technical support is measured by Incident.  One Incident may consist of multiple emails and/or phone calls, but covers only a single issue or group of closely related issues.  Support can be purchased using two methods.

The pricing is different per region, and will be in the format of North America/Asian Pacific/European Union.

  • Per Incident:
    • Email support: $100/$200/$150 per Incident
    • Phone support: $250/$500/$375 per Incident
    • If an email support Incident is initially purchased, and the customer then decides he would prefer telephone support, this will be treated as a separate Incident and will incur the full phone support per-Incident fee.
  • Contract:
    • Email support – 5 Incident Codes: $475/$950/$710
    • Phone support – 5 Incident Codes: $1200/$2400/$1800


Contracts are time-sensitive and will provide 5 Incident Codes of the desired type to the buyer.  Contracts are valid for one year.  Each separate Indicident requires the use of one Incident Code.  This code must be provided to initiate support, either by phone or email as appropriate, and will be referenced throughout the duration of the Support Incident.  If a contract expires with unused Incident Codes, those Codes become void, and will not carry over to a new contract.  Contract will be provided in the form of a certificate which should be kept in a safe place near the M1™ system.  Incident Codes can be used for any M1™ licensed product owned by the company.

Included Support

Some M1 products include a limited number of email Support Incidents when purchased.  The specifics of this are located in Table 1 of the Customer License Agreement for M1 Software.

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Submit a Support Incident

If you already have an Incident Code and wish to submit a Support Incident, click on the link below.

Support Incident Form