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The Manufacturer's Program

A business model that broadens your reach, and tools that can make your instruments immediately more marketable.

Your Current Situation

You make hardware instruments like signal/pulse/AWG/pattern/PRBS sources. These are frequently used with real-time oscilloscopes and would benefit from a software solution, like a stimulus-response package that integrates your instrument with scopes. You realize that rolling your own software and keeping it current isn't what you do.

A Solution

A 2006 IBM Global Business Services study of sources of innovation showed external collaboration as the single most effective source of significant innovation available to organizations. With the need to keep costs down, this is truer now more than ever.

The Manufacturer's component of the M1 Apps Program can deliver the software solution you need, in the least possible time while integrating your product with the widest range of oscilloscopes. Your customers use at least three of the four big scope makers. Covering all the makers provides you with the largest addressable market for software to influence your instrument sales. The Apps approach addresses your needs at both the technology and business levels; it's complete and turn-key.

What The Manufacturer's Program Provides

As an Apps partner in the Manufacturer’s Program, you are provided with broad access to the M1 solution infrastructure. This means unparalleled analysis/debug capability you don't have to develop yourself, that is immediately combinable with your instrument. Thorough training, a full suite of development tools and technical support from the M1 Design Team are also provided. Along the technology path, you get a turn-key path to an App that runs with any scope, regardless of manufacturer. On the business side, you gain additional marketing and selling opportunities for your solution via the M1 Apps Store beyond selling the App through your own channels. If scope users also use your product, this is an easy choice.


Under this program, you can realize all of the following:

  • A total solution.
  • Lower costs for you and the customer – Your cost for developing this functionality will be less than any other approach available. The cost to the customer, total or otherwise, can also be the lowest if you are pricing for value.
  • No built in filters – YOUR product is more marketable because your App connects it to so many scopes already in service around the world.
  • Rapid solution authoring – go from training to your first product in less than a week.
  • License-protected result that creates new revenue streams with the lowest possible investment.
  • New, costless promotional channels via ASA and new kinds of opportunities for revenue.
  • Software order fulfillment.

Multiple other advantages and revenue opportunities exist under the Manufacturer’s Program. For example, selling M1 as an add-on to your sales at a generous OEM-level discount. Another potentially large one would be that the collaboration tools built in to M1 result in a substantially more cost-effective and responsive support tool with your customers. We can fill you in on the others if you are interested.

Sound interesting?

Let’s talk more about how we can make YOUR instrument more valuable to your customers. Email us