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Step 2 - Develop your App


Once you've been accepted in to the M1 Apps Developer Program, it will be time to get to work on your App. This will start off with us providing you with the tools and training to get started. During the course of your development we’ll provide you with:



We will provide a curriculum of online training videos that cover not just the creation of automation elements for M1, but which also cover important operational concepts for M1.


We want you to succeed. If you need more help coming up to speed on the concepts you need to start or continue your App, our engineers can help you through the rough spots with personal experience doing automation and numerous examples.

Development Tools

M1 Developer's License

For Script Developers

  • ScriptBuilder
  • Frameworks and examples of ASA-developed compliance tests
For DLL/Measurement Developers
  • C#/C DLL framework with pre-built projects
  • MATLAB connectivity to M1

Note that a C#/C and MATLAB development environment is not provided by ASA and must be supplied by the developer. For C#, Visual Studio 2003 or newer required (no-cost edition available from Microsoft). For C , Visual C v6 or newer required. C# is preferred above C by ASA.

Development Resources

Developer-focused video training library

Developer forum – get answers to your technical questions

Developer site – Support documents, test waveforms, etc.

  • M1 Automation Best Practices
  • M1 ScriptBuilder Programming manual
  • M1 Automation Overview – white paper describing architectural capabilities of M1 Automation
  • "How to create a compliance test in M1" – video/guide
  • M1 Standards-Interpretation methodology (resolution of ambiguity found in almost all compliance specs)

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