ASA Newsletter, 13 August 2009

News from the Leading Innovator in Oscilloscope Usefulness
August 13, 2009 Volume 12 Issue 3
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Virtual Field Program

Customer Skills Training

M1 Standard Promotion

MRP Program

Upcoming Features

M1 Rental

New App Notes

Did You Know...
...that you can open an unlimited number of measurement views with M1? ScopeCo software typically limits you to only a handful of views.
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Seeking Experienced Oscilloscope Sales Engineers

ASA is seeking talented T&M sales engineers with experience in selling mid to high-end scopes for Tek, Agilent or LeCroy for both direct employment and in an innovative Virtual Field Organization (VFO). The VFO is a tool for these times. We can't directly hire everyone, but VFO is intended to create significant income opportunity for those who can impact our sales. And it gives ASA the opportunity to help out some of the real high-performers we have worked with over the years, while providing a qualified scope sales engineer the ability to build his own job at ASA (the company that invented the scope software market in the 90's). 


Given the devastating conditions of this economy, we are limiting this strictly to sales engineers that have been laid off.  To learn more about the openings and the program, please visit (This program is discontinued as of 1/2014.)

ASA Customer Skills Training

ASA will be launching a range of new training programs starting September 1, 2009. The ASA Customer Skills Training programs are a comprehensive, progressive (i.e. one program builds on others) set of modules that employ multiple learning modes (classroom, hands-on lab, and when certification is being made available, testing.)  Modules are available or are being developed, that cover Product Operation, Applications Knowledge, and select Advanced Topics. Examples include: 

  • M1 Basic Flight School where new-users are shown how to use the vast range of capabilities built into M1
  • Debugging techniques
  • Automation - Architecting a scalable M1-based automation system, authoring TestScripts and compliance tests, etc.
  • Topics in Measurement Workflow
  • Migrating from a multi-vendor, multi-title software environment to M1OT.
  • Deploying/managing Site and Enterprise Installations
  • And many more..

For more information about ASA training programs, please visit


M1 OT Standard Edition Promotion
Replace up to $120K of functionality and over 50 titles for $99

M1 OT Standard Edition is currently available on a limited basis for just $99. This offer will include your selection of any one ASA supplied compliance test at no additional charge. There is an easy and affordable upgrade path to M1OT-Ultimate available as well with this program.

For information on this promotion go to:  (This program is discontinued as of 1/2014.)


Laid off, or know an engineer who is?

Based on the current state of the electronics industry, ASA has developed our M1 Recommender Program (MRP) to provide a bit of relief by recognizing the value of what you know.  Under the MRP, ASA shares a piece of the revenue with YOU on M1 sales that you help us to discover. 


More details about the M1 Recommender Program can be found on ASA's website at  (This program is discontinued as of 1/2014.)

Upcoming Features

The next minor release will include the following additions to functionality:

DDR2/3 Read/Write separation in an EyeView - When analyzing DDR2/3 traffic that includes both Reads and Writes, the difference in the timing relationship between strobe and data creates significant problems for a standard eye diagram or eye mask. This new feature will allow the user to have the option to select in the EyeView to display only those bits associated with Reads or only those bits associated with Writes.

FFT of a Multi-Signal measurement - This feature will allow you to examine the spectral content of the Delay behavior between two signals, rather than just the spectral content of each signal separately.  With this feature, you'll now see FFTView as an additional display choice in the last step of the New Measurement wizard when a Multi-Signal measurement has been selected.

M1 Rental Benefits

If your organization frequently uses rental scopes for an extended period, take a look at the opportunity to save thousands of dollars per month by using M1OT instead of ScopeCo's software with these rental oscilloscopes. The additional charges for software can easily exceed $1,500 per scope per month if your requirements include compliance testing such as DDR2, DDR3 or PCIe. With M1OT now available from several rental partners, you will be able to both increase your productivity and lower your monthly expenses.

Organizations relying heavily on rented scopes should also consider that ASA Volume Licensing might be immediately self-funding for their company. If 10 to 15 rental scopes can be identified with software, the M1 Site License will immediately save you money - and that is before taking advantage of the organization-wide impacts that can be realized by having a common tool architecture with advanced debug, team collaboration, off-line processing and able to be deployed anywhere within an entire campus for a low monthly fee.

For more information on the M1 Rental program or our Volume licensing program, contact ASA at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

New Application Notes/White Papers

There are several new ASA Application Notes and White Papers available for request or download on ASA's website:

How to Setup and Use the Automation Capabilities of M1OT™ - This application note describes the various automation-related capabilities of M1 Oscilloscope Tools™, and explains how to use these capabilities to improve the speed and efficiency of your workflow. All aspects of creating an automation system with M1™ will be discussed, from choosing a topology to programming M1 to installing and troubleshooting the system.

Connecting M1 OT™ to your Scope: You Have Choices - The purpose of this Application Note is to outline the various configurations by which M1 Oscilloscope Tools™ can communicate with your oscilloscope and provide detailed instructions on how to set up and configure your system for each of those choices.  Includes details on how to properly set up an Ethernet crossover cable or network connection between your scope and M1 OT running on an external PC.

Preserving Performance and Responsiveness in M1 Oscilloscope Tools - This ASA Application Note discusses some of the M1 OT™ and oscilloscope settings that can affect the analysis speed and PC memory requirements for M1. Also discussed will be the Performance Preferences and Performance Settings dialogs in M1, and how you can use these tools to help tune the performance and responsiveness of your M1 system.

To request/download these or any of the many other Application Notes and White Papers available, please visit

Employment Opportunities at ASA

ASA is seeking an exceptional individual to provide the necessary care and feeding of our Western-region domestic sales. Experience in direct sales with test and measurement equipment is a minimum, as is at least 5 years in sales experience. Candidates should reside in the Bay Area if possible. Experience with transactional selling methods is a strong plus. Ability to work with channel sales is a plus

ASA Corp. is currently seeking imaginative electrical or computer engineering programmers to join our team. These individuals should have solid programming and test equipment experience, but more importantly, be willing to bring energy and the passion to dominate the industry to ASA.

If you're interested in employment at ASA visit our website at for more information or send an email with your resume to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..