Realize all of M1's benefits with the
M1 Lab Advantage Package(pdf)

M1 Waveform Tools™ is the only product you can add to your scope that attempts to deliver value not just at the point of measurement (the user sitting at the scope), but also at the organization level. Your team/organization can enjoy numerous unique benefits like collaboration, common scope interface, a group automation standard, etc, by integrating elements of the M1 portfolio into your lab. The M1 Lab Advantage Package allows you to buy what you need at a volume discount to instantly make your lab and your team more effective.

What's In The Package

The Lab Advantage Package combines M1 Waveform Tools, M1 Reader™, and Software Subscriptions for all products in the combination that makes sense for your lab. A custom M1 Lab Advantage Package includes:

Suggested Deployment

Minimum Suggested Deployment: As a start, we recommend you put one copy of M1 on every real-time scope in your lab that you would consider one of your "workhorses." This will provide you with the security that Hidden Anomaly Location is not missing any waveform problems in the lion's share of your work, and connect all of your most important scopes to all of your most important team members via the M1 Common Data Format. We suggest you deploy M1 Reader to those team members who are out of the lab more than they are in the lab, and who you would consider to be the technical opinion leaders for your team: the people your engineers and techs go to when they need an answer to a waveform based question. Don't forget your contributors who are overseas and/or in different labs. Software Subscription is automatically included on every copy of M1 and M1 Reader to protect your investment.

A Well-Formed Deployment: In a well formed deployment an organization will put M1 on every real-time scope in their organization, and M1 Reader on every contributor's laptop: designers, engineering managers, manufacturing engineers, etc. Should you decide to go down that road, please look into our Enterprise Licensing Option.

Computation of the Discount

The form of the discount for M1 the Lab package will be X.Y% where:

  • X is derived from the number of M1 Waveform Tools licenses you purchase in the range of 3-9. You can still buy more copies, but the discount tops off at 9.
  • Y is derived from the number of M1 Reader licenses and is in the range of 5-9. Again, you can still buy more copies, but the discount tops off at 9.
The X.Y% discount will apply to the entire package of M1, M1 Reader, and Subscription.

You can request a quote or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

You can use our interactive pricing spreadsheet to see how much Lab Advantage will save you compared to an average deployment or your current deployment from Agilent and Tektronix.

Click here: Lab Advantage Comparison Model