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M1 Waveform Tools™

The engineering philosophy that underlies M1™ is that every feature, every capability, every mode of operation is as optimized as we can make it. This was applied to the user interface and the debug capabilities just as much as it was applied to the other sophisticated capabilities within the product.


M1 Waveform Tools™ provides the debug tools you need to easily find that "needle in 10,000 haystacks". M1™ has the richest and most innovative collection of debug tools you will find anywhere, which is what you might expect from the company that invented the general purpose scope application.

Here are just a few of the many debugging tools you will find in M1:

  • Compliance Breakout lets you go directly to the source of a failure while running a compliance test, and immediately correlate it with other aspects of signal behavior.
  • Isolated Sub-Population Analysis (ISPA) greatly enhances your ability to debug repetitive events and events that are associated with events/behaviors on another signal
  • With Record/Playback you can easily detect & isolate rare events and trends, or even a single anomalous event across thousands of acquisitions
  • Multi-acquisition Mode allows for extended analysis and anomaly-searching across hours or days
  • With Unattended Debug you can automatically save acquisitions where undesired behavior was found, as well as a representative sample of 'good' acquisitions for comparison
  • Modulation, time, and frequency domains on the same screen
  • Column vs column plotting in Characterization Manager™ can reveal hidden relationships between measurement parameters
  • ScopeView™ lets you observe voltage domain behavior next to modulation domain behavior for improved insight into your signals. With M1 or M1 Reader™, you may never need to look at a scope front panel again except to set up your data acquisition.
  • Link and synchronize time-axis on any vs-time views

Waveform Exploration

M1's purpose-driven interface makes moving across the waveform surface both within and across acquisitions more effective than whatever you're doing now.

We studied over 150 different interfaces, ranging from aircraft glass cockpits to point-of-sale terminals, to help us design the most effective product interface we could. Its high ease of use lets the new user be productive immediately without penalizing the expert user by isolating her from the full power of the tool.

Moving within a measurement, an acquisition, or from one acquisition to another is more natural in M1™ than in traditional approaches. We've included a large number of keyboard and mouse shortcuts to make life easier. Wielding only a mouse, the user can access a variety of methods for zooming, panning, and even throwing their waveforms (ASA President Mike Williams personally loves this capability) to quickly and precisely navigate through their data. A significant number of keyboard navigation shortcuts have also been added to enable zooming and panning without even needing the mouse.


You can simultaneously view and even synchronize views of the same waveform across multiple measurement domains. For example, you can look at a voltage-vs-time, period-vs-time, and phase-noise all synchronized to each other, while at the same time viewing eye-diagram, jitter spectrum, and a complete Rj/Dj breakdown. Further, animation of the voltage-vs-time display can provide the kind of intuitive feel for certain waveform dynamics that one can normally only get from the front panel display of a scope.

Check out the latest in Advanced Waveform Exploration Techniques.

Software Event Triggering

M1 Waveform Tools™ provides several different software triggering capabilities, the most important of which is Event Triggering/RunUntil.

Event Triggering/RunUntil is a measurement limit triggering capability that allows you to define an unlimited number of conditions under which you would like M1™ to stop acquiring data and/or save data to disk. Conditions are defined based on statistics from available measurements, and can include algebraic expressions involving one or more values. Event Triggering/RunUntil is the heart of M1 OT's TestScript™ compliance test capability.

M1 also includes a much more expansive signal-level triggering capability than that available from the front panel of the scope. For most scopes, you can trigger on a single state across all channels OR a sequence of states on a single channel. With M1 OT however, you can define a trigger as a sequence of states across ALL channels (including MSO channels), allowing you to pinpoint your analysis exactly where you want to.