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Automate repetitive tasks
Create any test quickly

Unlike any other approach, M1 addresses automation on 2 levels.  On what we call the 'instrument sequencing' level, M1 enables you to put any platform behind it and not worry about finding a replacement when the platform needs to be replaced (this is called "hardware abstraction").  But the other level - automation of analysis flow - is where M1 stands alone, with a rich visual environment and scripting language for creating automations that can provide ‘measurement sequencing’ testing quickly. M1 also includes the ability to derive macros from a live measurement session without any requirement for programming.

Measurement sequencing

Automation of analysis flow made simple

Instrument Sequencing

Built-in or as part of your existing automation controller - it's your choice

Automation environment integration

No matter how simple or complex your setup, M1 can support it

Scalability of Native Measurement Capability

Easily add proprietary measurements that work identically to built-in ones


Easily automate common waveform workflow steps

Express Test

Speed retesting of compliance failures fixes

The Express Test™ Automation tool is an integral architectural feature of the automation framework provided by M1 to create M1 Apps™, and

  • Enables users to create efficient compliance tests and other M1 test automations
  • Without having to know how to program
  • Tremendously streamlines the interactive testing process
    • Numerous convenient ways to define a specific path through full compliance tests
    • Lets the test engineer focus specifically on the failing measurements without wasting time on those measurements that are passing
  • The focused sub-tests can be named and saved for future debug sessions

There are multiple ways to author Express Tests:

  • Specify manually
  • Mimic an operator’s inputs
  • Generate automatically when a test fails

The automatic means of generating an Express Test is particularly exciting in that it can work in conjunction with M1’s existing Compliance Breakout™ capability. For example

  • User is running ASA’s DDR4 Compliance App and encounters a failure with the Data Strobe timing
  • A single click generates an appropriate Express Test automating the specific test sequence of the failed measurement and re-creating the user’s path to the point of the failure
  • A second click then activates Compliance Breakout, allowing the user to investigate the failed parameters using M1’s massive array of innovative debug and analysis tools using the actual waveform that held the failure
  • Once the problem has been located and corrected, the Express Test provides an efficient way to retest the compliance failure without the need to make a long series of selections in the full compliance App
  • This approach to transitioning into and back out of a debugging mode saves the engineer a great deal of time by not having to rerun parts of the full test that were not relevant to the failure

M1 Emergency Licensing Server

When your hardware needs to come offline, M1 ELS gives you emergency, right-now license-transfer